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    In addition to our fantastic quality, we are also open every day of the year, all day, so you can upload a document any time you like. We guarantee that any document under 10,000 words is returned to you in only 24 hours from the point of submission - or your money back! For those of you that need an even quicker return time, we also have an Express Service; when you order this, you have our guarantee that any work under 10,000 words will be returned to you in only 12 hours - or your money back! 

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    Disclaimer: in the unlikely event that we do not meet the turnaround time, we cannot be held legally accountable for any consequences.
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    If you use our proofreading and document editing service, your work will benefit from many intelligent changes and useful comments. The proofreader that is carefully assigned to your work will be able to look at your document with a fresh pair of eyes, and catch those little mistakes that slip through the net when you are too familiar with something you are working on. This will include correcting your spelling, grammar, punctuation, academic language use, referencing style, consistency, style, tone, structure, and formatting (if selected).

    Our regular service starts at only $20.00 per 1,000 words for native students and $30 per 1,000 words for ESL students. We also offer discounts on large documents (over 10,000 words), which makes us one of the most flexible services available. 
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