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PhDs are no small challenge. They take years of work, a vast amount of research, and countless hours of writing. There are several stages to PhDs, but whether you are writing your research proposal, your thesis, or a plan for your viva voce, having a professional review your work will ensure you can express your ideas clearly.

We’re Expert Editors

We’ve helped countless students perfect their written PhD material. Our team of professional editors use their wealth of knowledge and experience to refine and enhance academic writing, making sure it is clear, error free, and concise. With editors from a variety of disciplines, we can even pair you with an expert in your subject area.

Strengthen Your Writing

We are here to work alongside you, refining your writing to ensure you can express your thoughts and findings clearly. To achieve this, we:

  • Eliminate punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes
  • Refine your overall tone, word choice, and style
  • Enhance the flow, syntax, and readability of you writing
  • Ensure your citations adhere to your chosen referencing style
  • Offer helpful suggestions for stylistic improvements

Our Guarantee

Deadlines? No problem. We can return 10,000 words within 24 hours with our Next-Day Guarantee, so you can relax. Not relaxed enough? Order our Express Service and have your work returned in half the time.

We Can Adapt To You

PhDs are important and trusting someone to take care of your writing may be hard. We understand this, which is why we love to get to know our PhD researchers early on, helping us to cater for their specific requirements. Contact us today to find out how we can help you to produce the best version of your work possible!

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