Manuscript Editing And Proofreading

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Polished To Perfection

You’ve worked hard on your manuscript. You’ve redrafted. And now you’re ready to take the publishing world by storm. But if you want to make a good impression on publishers, you need a polished manuscript. And this is where professional proofreading can help most. Let us handle the typos so you don’t have to!

Expert Manuscript Editing

Our editors include both authors and publishing professionals. This means we know the industry inside out, including what publishers look for in a manuscript.

Our expertise also covers a range of writing styles, from children’s fiction and poetry to travelogues and textbooks. And as such, we know that different manuscripts demand different approaches to editing. So if you have any requests for your document, we’ll be happy to match you with the perfect proofreader.

Professional Proofreading

When we work on your manuscript, one of our expert editors will:

  • Make sure it is well structured and easy to follow
  • Maintain your authorial voice throughout the text
  • Correct any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors
  • Ensure that all formatting is clear and consistent
  • Leave helpful comments and feedback as required

At the end of this, you’ll receive an MS Word Track Changes copy of your document with all edits marked. This gives you the chance to review our work and make any final changes before sending your manuscript to publishers.

Express Proofreading

We can proofread up to 10,000 words every 24 hours as standard. And with our Express Service we can up this to 20,000 words a day. So no matter how massive your manuscript, you can rest assured of getting it back in good time.

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Proofreading is a vital part of preparing a manuscript for publication.

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