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Your Story Deserves Special Treatment

The perfect polish makes a short story stand out from the crowd. Whether correcting typos or punctuation, letting a professional check your work can make all the difference, especially as it can be difficult to see errors in your own writing.

We Are Industry Specialists

That’s where our team will exceed your expectations. Our editors, some of whom are authors or have worked in publishing, are perfectionists and have served as a second pair of eyes for countless authors.

The Full Story

When you securely upload your document, it will be given to one of our expert short story editors who will:

  • Correct grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, and typos
  • Preserve your voice while enhancing your work
  • Adjust sentence structure and punctuation to improve readability
  • Provide suggestions for further improvements

Once complete, we will return a clean copy and an MS Track Changes copy of your document, giving you ultimate creative control over your work and the edits we make.

Our Guarantee

Need that short story proofed ASAP? No problem. We offer a speedy 24-hour guarantee on every 10,000 words you submit as standard. And if this sounds straightforward, it’s because it is.

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We know that you’ll love our short story proofreading and editing service, so we’re offering a 500-word sample to show you exactly how we can perfect your work!

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