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Planning For Success

Planning a business venture takes a lot of work. And once you’ve done the research and analysis, you’ll want your finished business plan to be perfect. So to make sure your writing is clear and impactful, try professional proofreading.

Business Writing Experts

Our editors have experience of business writing of all kinds, and we know what investors look for in a business plan. So whatever industry you work in and whatever the size of your company, you can trust us to deliver what you need.

Professional Proofreading For Business Plans

When you submit a business plan, our professional editors will:

  • Make sure that spelling, grammar, and punctuation are perfect
  • Ensure a professional tone of voice throughout
  • Check that key points in your plan are clear and concise
  • Highlight passages that could be strengthened
  • Offer helpful feedback on your writing style

After this, we will send you an MS Word Track Changes copy of your document. You can then review every edit made and comment left to ensure your business plan is ready to go.

Business Plan Formatting

Presentation counts in the business world. And if you add our Formatting service at checkout, you can be sure your plan will look as great as it reads.

Our Next-Day Guarantee

With our Next-Day Guarantee, you will get your business plan back within 24 hours. And with our Express Service, we will return your document in half that time. So even if you have a deadline, your plan will be ready when you need it.

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