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Write Confidently

The impact of a powerful, well-written cover letter is undeniable. In fact, your cover letter could be all that stands between you and an interview for your dream job. This is a chance to impress your passion and ambition onto your potential employer and sell them on the reasons you’re perfect for the role.

Expert Cover Letter Editors

Our elite editors are experienced, educated, and reliable. And we know how important it is to produce a good cover letter, as we’ve been there and helped hundreds of others. Our editors are the best when it comes to making clear and considerate edits that will help you present yourself in an articulate and professional way.

Have Confidence In Your Cover Letter

Our team will give your cover letter that crucial check before you send it off, which includes:

  • Ensuring your writing is free from spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors
  • Enhancing its structure to improve overall readability
  • Providing suggestions for further improvements
  • Identifying areas that lack clarity
  • Improving your word choice

In addition, to give you ultimate control over your writing, all edits will be viewable in an MS Word Track Changes copy of your document. You can then choose to keep or reject any changes we make.

Our Guarantee

Creating the perfect cover letter can be a challenge when the clock is against you. But with our Next-Day Guarantee, making sure yours is error free is a breeze.

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You’ll be amazed by what our editors can do for your cover letter. See for yourself for free by uploading a 500-word sample. Don’t forget to use the code 500FREE at checkout.

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