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Writing research papers, theses, journal articles, or any other document, can be a difficult process; that’s why Proofread My Document has created this FREE English Help area. These resources have been designed to help all types of customers to write all forms of academic document. Our main aim is to help improve your academic English, as well as your basic written English.

We proofread, edit, and format thousands of documents each year, and we see the same errors occur time and again. Using this knowledge, we’ve created an English Help blog, which contains posts to help you tackle the most common problems.

English Help

Native students and ESL/international students often make the same mistakes. This Help area is designed to help students learn from their mistakes.

Our Help area reviews and provides solutions for a wide range of issues that you may come across in an academic writing environment.

We’ve also created a bank of useful hints and tips for writing specific academic documents. So, when it comes to writing your thesis, you can visit our Help area to learn how to create a logical and impressive structure for your work.

We know that referencing can be a major headache. That’s why we have listed, in plain English, how you would go about referencing all types of sources, using several different referencing styles.

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Referencing Tools

Do you find referencing a chore? We’ve tried to reduce the pain of referencing, by creating some tools that will make the whole process simple and clear.

Harvard Referencing Tool

Hate Harvard referencing? Our Harvard referencing tool is a comprehensive aid that will allow you to reference anything correctly using the Harvard style. This tool will show you the layout of both in-text citations and bibliographic references. 

APA Referencing Tool

Our APA referencing tool will soon be available. You will be able to easily create both in-text citations and reference lists, as with our Harvard referencing tool.

MLA Referencing Tool

Just like our APA referencing tool, our MLA referencing tool is coming soon; and once again, this tool will show you how to cite and reference quickly and easily, using the MLA style.