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Word Choice: That vs. Which

Mix ups over when to use ‘that’ and ‘which’ are common, especially among those for whom English is an additional language. But there’s also a difference between Australian English and Americ...

4 June 2017 | 0 comments



Vocabulary Tips: Is Data Singular or Plural?

Some debates seem like they’ll never end. The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? White bread or brown bread? Did the moon landing really happen? Is ‘data’ singular or plural? And unfortunately, whil...

4 May 2017 | 1 comments



Grammar Tips: Double Negatives

Have you ever heard somebody say, ‘I didn’t do nothing’? If so, how did it make you feel? If the answer is ‘repulsed’, you may have an aversion to double negatives. But what are double negat...

24 April 2017 | 0 comments



Grammar Myths: Infinitives and Conjunctions

The rules underpinning English are not always black and white. And while we appreciate proper grammar, we’re also aware that a lot of the ‘rules’ surrounding grammar can be misleading, especiall...

13 April 2017 | 0 comments



Grammar Tips: Subject–Verb Agreement

When writing in English, it’s important to make sure that the subject and verb in a sentence agree. This post covers the basics of subject–verb agreement, which will give you the foundations to bu...

14 April 2017 | 0 comments



Grammar Tips: Countable and Uncountable Nouns

The difference between countable (or count) and uncountable (or non-count) nouns can be confusing, especially if English isn’t your first language. But we’re grammar experts here at Proofread My D...

27 February 2017 | 1 comments



Grammar Tips: Adverbs and Adjectives

Broadly speaking, adverbs are words that describe how an action is performed, while adjectives describe the qualities of an object or person. Both of these word types are crucial to writing descriptiv...

16 January 2017 | 1 comments



Grammar Tips: The Basics of Word Order

If you know how to construct a grammatical sentence, you should find it much easier to avoid mistakes in your written work (especially if English isn’t your first language). As such, today we’re l...

16 January 2017 | 0 comments



Grammar Tips: Sentence Construction and Parallelism

One aspect of sentence construction that many writers get wrong is parallelism: i.e. the use of consistent grammatical structures throughout a sentence. Faulty parallelism occurs when different parts ...

28 October 2016 | 0 comments



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