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6 Tips on Writing a Personal Statement

When applying to university, you might be asked to write a personal statement. This is where you can sell yourself as a person and student, adding something to your application that grades alone can...

4 June 2017 | 0 comments



5 Reasons to Attend Academic Conferences

Although typically found lurking in libraries or travelling in small packs of like-minded scholars, academics do sometimes get together to discuss their work. Gatherings like this are more commonly kn...

12 December 2016 | 0 comments



5 Top Tips on Studying Abroad

There are countless advantages to studying abroad. These include seeing the world, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, and (potentially) refining your language skills. The fact that y...

21 December 2016 | 0 comments



An Aussie Christmas Explained for Brits

In Australia, we love Christmas just as much as our British and American cousins. But while we’ve seen plenty of their Christmases on TV, the same isn’t necessarily true of the reverse. And th...

16 November 2016 | 0 comments



Christmas on a Budget: 5 Thrifty Festive Tips

Christmas is getting closer, so if you haven’t begun preparing, now’s the time to start! But this can be an expensive time of year, especially if you’re working on a student budget. Luckily, tho...

28 November 2016 | 0 comments



3 Top Tips for Aspiring Student Volunteers

Student life can be hectic, so why should you consider volunteering? Well, as well as offering various personal and career benefits, IT’S GOOD TO HELP PEOPLE, YOU TERRIBLE CYNIC! What? You weren’t...

23 October 2016 | 0 comments



Preparing a Presentation: 6 Tips for Success

Having to give a presentation is, for many, a very stressful notion. But being able to communicate with an audience is a valuable skill at university, at work and in life generally. How, then, can you...

5 August 2016 | 0 comments



The Best Places to Study: 5 Superb Suggestions

If you’re studying, the last thing you need is other people constantly demanding your attention, compliance, assistance and/or overdue rent money. As such, living with friends or family can mean tha...

5 August 2016 | 1 comments



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