We offer proofreading, editing, and formatting services

Proofread My Document’s professional proofreading services cover all academic disciplines, along with those in business and other professional fields. Whatever document you have, we can nearly always proofread it. Just contact us if you have any queries about using our online editing services.

You can use our professional proofreading services any time you like, as we have proofreaders available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring that your work is clear and concise.

Here is a quick summary of the online editing services that we provide.

Native Student Proofreading

Our professional proofreaders proofread, edit, and format a wide range of native student documents, each year. Therefore, collectively, we possess a vast amount of experience across a wide range of subjects and referencing styles.

As well as the quality of our service, we also pride ourselves on the speed of our service. If you submit a document that is 10,000 words or less, we’ll have it back to you in 24 hours or less, at no extra cost.

International and ESL
Student Proofreading

We help thousands of international and ESL students to improve their work. From experience, we know that international and ESL students predominantly have a thorough understanding of their subject area; however, they often struggle to clearly and concisely articulate their ideas in perfect academic English.

Our proofreaders are trained to spot the specific errors that these students make. Therefore, they can easily eliminate these 'tell-tale' phrases that mark out a piece of work as non-native.

Dyslexic Student Proofreading

Do you suffer from dyslexia and find it difficult to express your ideas and concepts clearly and concisely, or simply confuse words and letters without realising? Our proofreading service will help you correct these mistakes, and more. Our proofreaders have experience in working directly with dyslexic students, so you can be sure that your document will receive all the attention it needs.

When registering, simply select 'Yes' on the dyslexic student option; this will allow us to assign your work accordingly to our expert proofreaders who specialise in dyslexic work.


Did you know that poorly formatted work can lose up to 10% in marks? Proofread My Document is one of the only academic proofreading companies that will fully format your work, exactly to the specifications of your university. Students writing their Master's or PhD thesis find this invaluable.

The service includes creating a cover page, inserting a dynamic table of contents, list of charts, figures and tables, page numbering, inserting headers, footers, and much more. Our formatting service will complete your document, giving it an improved and professional feel, matching the quality of your written work.

Express Service

If 24 hours is just not fast enough, we have introduced a super-fast 12-hour Express service. This service has proved to be a popular choice for those students who are rushing to get their work completed, but still want it to have a professional feel. Submit a document of 10,000 words or less, and we promise to have it back to you within 12 hours, regardless of the time of day that you submit it to us.

To take advantage of this service, simply add it to your order during checkout. When selecting the service, our system will tell you exactly what time you should expect to receive your work back. 

Academic Documents

Proofread My Document has the ability and experience to proofread, edit, and format the full range of academic documents that students produce, including: essays, papers, assignments, dissertations, PhD theses, journal articles, and reports. We also have the capability to proofread complex LaTeX documents. No project is too technical, or too large.

Non-Academic Documents

Our diverse team of professional proofreaders possess decades of experience in proofreading, editing, and formatting a vast array of documents. Therefore, we have the ability to apply the same low-cost pricing structure and rapid turnaround times for all non-academic documents too. Each year our proofreaders read hundreds of novels, government and NGO documents, business material, CVs, and much more.

If you have an important document that needs perfecting before publication, whether it be a CV, a manuscript, or website content, you can be assured that our expert proofreaders will give it the impact and finish that it needs.

Free Sample

For years, we’ve been letting the quality of our work do the talking. We offer all new customers a 500-word free sample, to try the service and see our consistency and quality, before they part with any money. See how we could help you, today.