Expert proofreading makes your dissertation error-free


Over the course of the past three years, we have perfected hundreds of thousands of pages of academic work, which mostly comprised of dissertations.


Spotting errors within your own work can be difficult. You may simply gloss over mistakes because you have read your paper so many times that you no longer notice them, or you may be unaware that you made a mistake in the first place. In order to ensure that you get the highest possible grade for your hard work, it’s a good idea to use a professional proofreading service. Professional proofreaders can perfect your writing, correcting the errors that you have not noticed.

Why Us?

Dissertation editing and proofreading is our speciality and we proofread dissertations on any and every subject. Just get in touch with us to see how our service can work for you! We deliver a quick, high quality service, which is the same price no matter how long, complex or specialist your dissertation is. This applies to both undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations. No matter how long your dissertation is, we will proofread it for you.

Our Professional Approach

We understand that academic writing and research is time consuming, and that you may be working to several deadlines, simultaneously. This is why our dissertation editing and proofreading service provides a 24-hour turnaround for all documents that are 10,000 words or less, without compromising the quality of the finished product.

How We Do It

We ensure that any grammar or spelling mistakes, typos, or clumsy sentences are corrected, further increasing your chances of getting the marks that you deserve for your hard work.

What you Get

  • Perfect grammar, punctuation and spelling;
  • Polished references, in your chosen style;
  • If you select our formatting service, you will receive correctly formatted text, charts, tables, diagrams and figures, and a correctly formatted table of contents. We will also number the pages for you.

Our Express Service

We also offer an express service, at a slightly higher rate, for students with imminent deadlines. We provide the fastest and most reliable online dissertation proofreading and formatting service.

To ensure you get the best mark possible for your dissertation, have your work proofread and formatted by the professional team at Proofread My Document.