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Reading through and checking your entire thesis can seem like a daunting task. The length of the paper means that there is greater potential for errors, and it is more likely that you will miss these errors, due to the sheer volume of work to check through.

Before you submit your thesis, it is a good idea to use a proofreading service. They are able to go through your work with a fine-tooth comb, correcting errors, improving the format, and picking up on the mistakes that you might have missed otherwise. Proofread My Document offers a high-quality proofreading service to those undertaking a PhD.

Why Us?

We are one of the leading thesis proofreading service providers in Australia, with extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

Our Team

We employ an expert team of in-house proofreaders, all of whom are experienced and highly qualified. Every member of the team has a PhD, and so fully understands the rigours of writing, formatting, and perfecting such a large piece of work. The team have proofread and finessed hundreds of PhDs, delivering a high-quality service to students both in Australia and across the world.

Affordable Prices

We aim to keep our service efficient, consistent and affordable. In light of the fact that many PhDs are self-funded, we offer a range of discounts to PhD students to ensure that our prices are affordable for all graduates.

We Meet the Deadline

The deadline is of crucial importance to students, especially if it is imminent! All of our projects, without exception, are delivered on time, if not before.

Not Sure?

You need not have any concerns about the security of your thesis, as it is of great importance to us that all documents submitted to our service are kept completely safe and secure.

Your thesis is likely to be one of the most important academic documents that you will ever produce. Completing your PhD requires a significant amount of time, research, and dedication. Why not use our thesis proofreading service to ensure that your work is completely error-free, and that the final product is a true reflection of the time and effort you put into it?

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You can also try our service for free, by sending in a 500-word sample of your document for us to edit. Our quick, reliable and high-quality proofreading service won’t let you down!