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Unable to spot mistakes? We can help!

No matter how much a student may understand the subject at hand, Proofread My Document knows that not all students are gifted with the ability to eloquently convey their ideas in the same way as top academics. It is also very difficult to spot your own mistakes when you have spent so many hours working on a document. Therefore, our service is all about taking your content and polishing the academic English so that your piece achieves the grade it deserves.

A lot of great ideas are lost through poor grammar, spelling, punctuation, poor referencing, and the underutilisation of the English language. This ultimately reflects badly  on the student, and can result in low marks.

If you struggle with:

  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Academic wording
  • Expressing your ideas clearly
  • Referencing correctly and consistently

… then our professional academic proofreading service is what you need.

At Proofread My Document, we individually allocate your work to a highly experienced professional proofreader who has experience in your field of study. This proofreader will then perfect your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and referencing, whilst also making your work consistent and concise. Your work will be transformed into an elegant and well-flowing piece, ready to impress your marker.

Our unique method of efficiently managing documents, coupled with our amazing turnaround times and our thorough proofreading service, set us apart from every other proofreading company. We are the academic proofreading experts, we are fast, and we are cost-effective. Unlike other proofreading companies, we do not charge extra for our incredibly fast turnaround times.


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