Have your business documents proofread by the experts

Sending the right message, in the right tone, is key for any successful organisation. When a message is poorly expressed and therefore wrongly interpreted, this can have an adverse impact on the reputation of an organisation. Likewise, a simple spelling error or inconsistency can offend even the most loyal customer or client.


Whether you are producing a report, book, pamphlet, advertisement, website content, board report, grant proposal, presentation, training guide or internal documentation — consistency, clarity and good grammar are the difference between professionalism and mediocrity in all business communication. That’s where we can help.


We offer a unique proofreading service specifically for organisations who value their time and resources, but don't want to forgo on quality of their written communication.


Working closely with several large and small organisations, we have developed a business document proofreading service that includes allocated proofreaders, the creation of tailored style guides, and efficient payment and uploading options to suit every organisation’s needs.


Business benefits


All of our business clients receive:


Free consultation and development of a style guide

dedicated proofreader, selected to suit the organisation, who will proofread all future documents

Choice of payment frequency and uploading options

Discounts and deals to suit all levels


Let's begin  


The best way to begin is to email us at info@proofreadmydocument.com.au. From there we will be able to find out more about your specific needs, make up a style guide and allocate you a suitable proofreader.

Of course, if you’re ready to upload your first document, you can click 'upload now' above and follow the steps. If you're not sure about what we can do for your company, why not upload a 500-word free sample first? 



  • Working Together
    Every business is individual. Therefore, we provide a carefully crafted individual service to each and every business that we work with. This journey typically begins with the creation of a style guideline to aid our proofreaders in conveying the correct tone and style for your business; the complexity of the style guide will depend on the specific requirements of your business. We work closely with a wide range of businesses, from engineering and pharmaceutical-based companies, right through to nurseries and day care centres; therefore, we are well-equipped to build a style guide that best suits your business and industry.
  • Flexible and Effective
    By working with a variety of businesses, we have developed a range of business user accounts and packages to suit any situation. It is entirely up to you which style of account you choose. We can take payment per document if you’re a small business, or provide a centralised platform for your team to upload multiple documents, at any hour of the day, in which we will invoice you for on a monthly basis. We will also ensure that you are matched up with the right set of proofreaders, to ensure that your style and tone are conveyed accurately, and your subject matter is edited insightfully. 
  • At Your Speed
    We’ve proven to our customers, both academic and business, that our accuracy and consistency can be achieved at the speed they require. Whether you need an important document proofread overnight, or a large report edited over a weekend, we have the capabilities within our team of proofreaders to meet some very tight deadlines.
  • Scalable and Secure
    Security is a paramount issue for many of our clients. We handle cutting edge research for our academic clients, and sensitive documents for many business clients; hence, we operate entirely on a 256 bit secure SSL connection. All document uploads and downloads are subject to this level of security. All of our proofreaders also adhere to the same level of security and are trained in managing documents carefully and securely. This level of security and management is also easily scalable with our unique document management system; therefore, as your business grows, we can offer the right Service Level Agreement to meet your needs.